Nightlife in Chicago

...the best sports bars, night clubs, comedy clubs, jazz clubs, and more!

Your nightlife in Chicago will depend on which neighborhood you are in. You will find trendy bars in the Loop, and on the south side, or sports themed bars in Lincoln Park.

But no matter what type of experience you are looking for, you will have no problems finding a bar or club the meets your interests.

You can select from very interesting and unique restaurants, neighborhood bars, and clubs or you can go to the great Chicago Theatre.

My top 3 places to go in Chicago when the sun goes down would have to be:

676 Restaurant & Bar

676 Restaurant & Bar has a full food menu, and probably more important, every drink you've heard of and maybe even some you haven't. The atmosphere of the place is great and definitely a good place to hang out.

They are located 676 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611.

La Pomme Rouge

One of the latest additions to the nightlife venues is Chicago's La Pomme Rouge. I'm not the only one who likes this place, their staff, food, and music have been getting very high rates ever since they opened.

The drink that I highly recommend at La Pomme Rouge is the apple martini, almost everyone has one if they go there.

Also their prices are reasonable which range from $8 to $15.

The Chaise Lounge

The Chaise Lounge, which is located at 1840 W. North Ave., is also one of the new additions to Chicago's nightlife experiences. The restaurant serves a mix of American recipes and international flavors.

Some of the appetizers I enjoy when I'm there are Torino breadsticks and marinated olives. Both are very good, but there is more then just that to sample.

The price range for this place is about $8 to $25, so a little more expensive than La Pomme Rouge, but still very affordable dining option.

Now as you can probably tell, all three of my favorites are restaurants or pubs. There is much more than eating in Chicago at night.

There are many dance clubs, jazz clubs, and bars too.

The Chicago Ale House

The Chicago Ale house is a beer lovers dream. The place is located at 2200 W. Lawrence Ave. and it caters to sports and those whose Chicago travel brings them out into the nightlife.

They also have some good food and over 60 different beers to choose from. Check it out.

Chicago Night Clubs

The nightlife in Chicago wouldn't be complete without fun and exciting night clubs. The Chicago club scene features many great places where you can showcase your awesome dance moves.

Here are my top three favorite clubs in Chicago:

Each are highly rated by the people who go there and with such a energetic atmosphere, it's not hard to understand why each is getting good reviews.

One of the best things about Chicago is it's lineup of amazing nighttime entertainment and dining.

The nightlife in Chicago is where you want to be if your looking for non-stop fun and excitement.