Chicago Tours tours, boat tours, segway tours, and much more!

When you are visiting Chicago, It's a good idea to take some Chicago tours to get your bearings and discover places that you can plan on visiting and returning to for a closer look later. This strategy should be used wherever you travel because tours really help make the trip more enjoyable.

Chicago tours are in a huge variety of great detailed tours, some very general, such as a lakefront skyline boat tour, and some specific and unique, like Chicago Food Planet Food Tours.

Boat tours take you along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, where you'll learn about the different buildings set prominently along the Chicago skyline, or up the Chicago River for a great architectural learning experience.

The narrators typically provide interesting information about the great history of Chicago and some of it's most prominent past citizens.

There are also many bus and trolley guides to choose from, as well as bike, segway, and walking guides that will give you a close-up experience where you'll learn about the many different Chicago neighborhoods and landmarks.

Also, if you don't want to leave your home or hotel, you can always take a virtual guide or listen to an audio guide that will give you just as much information and make you feel like you are right here in Chicago.

All of these places are very helpful and I would recommend any of them if you decide to visit Chicago.

Chicago Bus/Trolley Tours

One of the many Trolleys.The Chicago bus and trolley tours are some of the best things to do in Chicago.

These bus and trolley sightseeing activities take you to Chicago's most popular attractions and you will enjoy a full day of sightseeing.

The more specific Chicago bus and trolley tours are there to satisfy certain audiences - such as the gangster history of Chicago for example. These kinds of tours really give a unique look at Chicago and its rich history.

Chicago Air Tours

If you are an adventurous person and want to experience Chicago's attractions and landmarks like never before, then you would enjoy the popular Chicago air tours.

Being 3,000 ft. above the streets of Chicago allow for a unique perspective on sightseeing in Chicago and for some great photo opportunities.

Doing one of the many air tours at night is another option, which allows you to see Chicago beautiful skyline all in lights for an experience that is amazing and unlike any other.

Chicago Food Tours

The best way to experience the tastes of Chicago is by taking a Chicago food tour(s). For a reasonable price, you can enjoy many great guided food tours and get a "taste" of the rich culture that Chicago has.

If you're a fan of food, then Chicago is the place to be. Chicago is known for its pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef and there are great food tours that explore these foods among many others.

Chicago is a big city, so taking tours will give you a lot of good information and make sure you do, see, and eat the best Chicago has to offer.

Chicago Boat Tours

Some boat tours that are going to be underway.Just like Chicago's air tours, Chicago's boat tours show you the city from a unique perspective that is great for taking pictures.

From sightseeing tours on the Chicago River and along Lake Michigan, to dinner cruises and tall ship sailing, there are so many great boat tours to choose from!

You will be able to appreciate the city's history and architecture, as well as enjoy Chicago's beautiful skyline from the water. One of the best skylines in the world!

The hardest part will be choosing which boat tour(s) to take.

Chicago Carriage Tours

There are many different ways to see and explore Chicago, but one of the most unique and old-fashion ways is by horse-drawn carriage.

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, a tour by horse-drawn carriage is perfect for a family outing or a romantic time with the one you love.

There are many different carriage rides to choose from and all the carriage companies have their own unique thing about them and all explore different parts of the city.

Chicago Bike Tours

Bikes for getting around the city and for the tours.One of the best and most popular ways to see the city is by bike.

Find out about all the self-guided routes around the city, as well as the guided Chicago bike tours, also where you can rent bikes and get maps showing all the local paths and trails.

The best thing about the bike tours is not only are you having a lot of fun sightseeing, but you are also getting good exercise!


Chicago Segway Tours

Segways are a unique way to get around the city and the tours are very well done and guided.

These tours are family friendly, however, it's best for people 12 and older so that they can operate their segway.

All the tours that are available provide great opportunities to take some great photos of the city so make sure to bring your camera!

Chicago Walking Tours

Chicago is a big city, and because of this there are many great Chicago walking tours that can show you everything the city has to offer in great detail.

Many of the walking tours have a specific focus, such as architecture, food, history of the city, photography, and much more.

The food and shopping tours are among the most popular walking tours mainly for the large variety tours to choose from.

Chicago Architecture Tours

Some buildings that you will see.Chicago's architecture is one of the best in the country, and the architecture tours Chicago offers are the best ways to really see and understand the history behind the architecture.

You can check out Chicago from the sky, the water, the top of a bus, or by walking. No matter which way you choose, you will see great architecture and get many great opportunities for photos.



Chicago Tours for Kids

Chicago is a very kid-friendly city and its tours are no different. Many of the popular tours are great for young kids and they will have a lot of fun.

Most of the tours that we recommend are all very popular in the city and some you might not expect, but are also very fun for the kids.

And there are many great self-guided tours if you need that extra flexibility.

Chicago Tours for Teens

Teens would love the John Hancock Center.Thrilling boat rides, movies, lakefront bike rides and much more are what teens that visit Chicago have to look forward to.

Anyone can enjoy these tours, but these are the tours that I recommend for the teen that visits the Windy City. Enjoy!




Cruise and Water Activity Tours

Chicago's cruise and water activity tours will really give you a different look at the city and will produce many great opportunities for awesome pictures.

From dinner cruises to sightseeing tours along the lakefront to thrilling speedboat fun, there is so much to explore on the lake.

Chicago Historical Tours

Come discover the rich history that Chicago has to offer through the many historical tours and learn how the people of the city, from past and present, have shaped the city into what it is today.

Learn about things like the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and see the Chicago Water Tower, which was one of the few buildings that survived the fire.

The city was founded in 1833 and it has many great tours that will take you back in time to those main points in the city’s history.

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