The Chicago Theatre

...stand-up, family shows, music performances,
and much more

The Chicago Theatre is a legendary auditorium that presents a lot of different kinds of entertainment.

Stage events, concerts, dance, comedy, and other special events are what you can look forward to if you ever choose to go to the theater.

I love movies, but going to the theater is just 10x better than a movie because of the great performances, the beautiful auditorium that can leave you breathless, and just how elegant the lobby is.

Not once have I left the theater disappointed. It's truly fun and entertaining time no matter what you go to see.

When the theater opened on October 26, 1921 it was called "the Wonder Theater of the World". This theater was the first large movie palace in America and... started theater in America for that matter.

Chicago Theatre sign.

My favorite part would have to be the grand lobby. Five stories high and surrounded by gallery promenades.

The auditorium is seven stories high and can seat 3,600 people.

Probably the most famous thing about the theater is the six stories high sign outside that says "CHICAGO". It's one of the few such signs in existence today. It is also a symbol of Chicago itself.

It is considered one of the most beautiful theaters in America for live entertainment and I must agree. The theater hosts sporting events, family shows, concerts, stand-up, and much more. My favorite for live entertainment would probably be stand-up comedy because I love laughing uncontrollably.


Need a Hotel?

If you plan on going to the theater, there’s many great hotels and restaurants very close to the theater... some just steps away like Renaissance Chicago Hotel.

It's a premier luxury hotel in the heart of Chicago and very comfortable. Other hotels that are close by would be Hotel Sax Chicago and theWit, the newest downtown Chicago boutique hotel.


As for restaurants, there are 10 that are all in walking distance. Two of my favorites would be Shula's Steak House and The Great Street.

Shula's Steak House is one of the top steak houses in America. They serve delicious steaks and fresh sea food, definitely a restaurant to check out.

The Great Street is inside the Renaissance Chicago Hotel and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all looking out at the Chicago River and the skyline.

The other restaurants that are in walking distance are:

Check out the Chicago Theatre, there are great hotels and restaurants all in walking distance and the live shows are definitely worth going to.