Delicious Chicago Food and Desserts

...there is a reason why Chicago is known for our food

Chicago is a food lovers paradise. You can choose from many different types of Chicago food and desserts which are in great variety.

Some of the varieties are:

  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Asian
  • French
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Polish
  • German

There are many more and if I would to write it all out, it would take up more than the whole page.

Chicagoans are most famous for taking two foods very seriously: pizza and hot dogs.

If you are ever in Chicago, you must try at least one of these great foods.

Chicago Pizza

For pizza, the best restaurants in my opinion would be The Original Gino's East or Exchequer Restaurant and Pub.

Original Gino's East serves great deep dish pizza with chunky tomato sauce on top of the cheese (which is delicious). They're most famous for the great crust.

If you’re not into deep dish then Exchequer is the next best.

There are sports playing around the restaurant on TV's and the place is surrounded with 500+ pieces of Chicago items and memorabilia to enjoy.

Chicago Hot Dogs

As for hot dogs... you can get one of those anywhere in the city downtown or in the city's 77 beuatiful neigborhoods.

My favorite place however to get Chicago style hot dogs is during Chicago Cubs or White Sox baseball games. I think those hot dogs just are simply the best.

So Much Variety

I think it's great that Chicago has so many choices of food and desserts to enjoy.

Many diverse ethnic groups give Chicago a great scene with there great varieties. You will find ethnic foods from A to Z. Italian is found throughout the city, and most of all in the Little Italy neighborhood.

Greektown, near the west side, will delight you with traditional Greek meals and great atmosphere.

Do you like Chinese food? you will find great Chinese food in the 40+ restaurants in Chinatown.

There are also many great Mexican restaurants and bakeries found all over Chicago to enjoy.

If you’re ever in Chicago, you would be able to taste the flavors of the world in one city. If you don't know where to start, you can always enjoy great food tours like Chicago Food Planet Food Tours.

I never did a Chicago food tour, but I did a lot of research and they seem like a blast, especially, if you are a food lover.

Chicago Desserts and Candies

Not only are the ethnic foods and main courses great by themselves, but the desserts are something of the imagination.

Chicago holds the title of "Candy Capital of America" 100+ candy companies and chocolate bars are all over Chicago.

When walking downtown you can sometimes smell the chocolate in the air... it's great.

But my advice is to make sure to join the Chicago Chocolate Tours because they will make sure you see and taste the best chocolate in Chicago.

You can even become trained chocolate factory workers for a day, and sample delicious chocolate morsels.

All in all, Chicago is the place to be if you’re a food lover or have a big sweet tooth. The food and desserts throughout the city will definitely be more than your taste buds can handle.