Chicago Dining & Eating many great restaurants to choose from

Chicago dining along with the great variety of ethnic restaurants is the reason of a big surge of popularity for new American cuisines.

Italian food, ranging from deep-dish pizza to delicately made creations found at stylish trattorias, still dominates a very dynamic scene. Thai restaurants also thrive, as do ones with a good Mediterranean slant.

Altogther these foods are the best you can find and there are still many more options to sample that are just as delicious such as German, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Eastern European, and many other cuisines you many have never heard of like Burmese.

Of course, many establishments serve great old fashion barbecue ribs, a legacy of Chicago's days as the nation's meatpackers.

You can't say your visit was complete unless you sample a messy Italian beef sandwich (with extra juice is the best) or a Chicago-style hot dog.

You will find the largest amount of restaurants north and west of the Loop.

To the west is Greektown, around Halsted Street at Jackson Boulevard, and Little Italy. On and around Taylor Street, are definitely worth checking out.

Also, The River North and Near North areas have a good number of top notch places. Chinatown, though not the best looking, is a great neighborhood for Szechuan and Cantonese food.

Other Suggestions

When it comes to eating, Chicago has everything you need and some of the best in the nation. We are of course known for our hot dogs, beef sandwiches, and steaks, but there is so much more to offer.

Here are some suggestions :

  • For Mexican, I like Mazi on the west side right next to N. California Ave. or, Las Mananitas on Halsted Street south of Addison.

  • If you are craving seafood, Nick's fishmarket is the place to go. It's at Clark and Monroe Streets.

  • If it's Romantic Dinner for two is what you’re looking for, try Everest, which is widely regarded as one of the very best restaurants in the city, or Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel.

  • My choices for fine steaks include Ruth's Chris and Gibson’s Steakhouses.

  • If your taste buds want Italian food, choose Terzo Piano on Monroe St. or Rosebud Restaurants on Rush (near Superior Street).

As for the Chicago favorites :

  • I recommend Bricks or Lou Malnati's Pizzeria for the best pizza.

  • If its Chicago hot dogs or beef sandwiches you want, Portillos (suburban/Chicago locations), as well as Mr. Beef and Al's beef are highly recommended. These are the perfect places to get the delicious taste of Chicago food and Chicago dining.

Other Thing's to Check Out :

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