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...easiest ways to find cheap tickets to Chicago

Finding cheap flights to Chicago's O'Hare or Midway International Airport is much easier than you might think, and is an important thing to look over before you book a flight.

I have some tips that will help you find the cheapest low-cost Chicago flights that will be saving you money - which is always a good thing.

O'Hare and Midway are two of the busiest airports in the world and have over a dozen U.S. domestic airlines such as Southwest, Delta, and United as well as many international carriers such as Air India, Air France, Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and many more.

So as you can see, cheap Chicago flights can be found no matter where you're coming from because Chicago's major airports fly people from all over the world and there are always ways to save money... if you know where to look!

Are you not sure which airlines offer you the best prices on tickets to Chicago? Check out my FIVE important tips for finding the cheapest flights. Be sure to also note the pitfalls and all the up-front advertising that is usually hiding things from you.

Tip 1: Finding Cheap Flights to Chicago Online

Going online to find cheap flights is probably the first and only place most people go. The Internet has grown very large in a short amount of time and has continued to make information available to anyone that can access it.

There are a lot of online airline flight booking sites out on the internet that offer low fares. The catch, however, is that some of these sites show cheap fares, but then make you pay a ton of booking fees, so in the end you pay more.

The way you get around these sites, is you don't bother with them at all! Instead, book through an online site that doesn't charge booking fees at all, such as or

Both of these sites offer the same low fares as other sites but charge NO FEES. What is also great about is that they show your total amount - the exact price with taxes that you'll pay for the tickets.

If you want to make sure that your getting the best deal on your flight to Chicago, try searching for last minute flight deals at Expedia is another site that charges NO FEES on single carrier flights.

Just be sure to check their "Best Price Guarantee" and check out

What is It is a site where you can enter your information and they'll send you an e-mail about any cheap flights to Chicago (or where ever) whenever they are available.

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Tip 2: Compare Rates On Many Websites

I find it funny that a common mistake that people make when buying tickets is they search for the most popular travel website and book the first thing they see.

This doesn't make sense to me because we should all understand that most travel websites have pitfalls and things they are not going to tell you up front because they are trying to sell you their service.

If you take some time to look around different travel websites and then quickly compare the rates that are being offered, you could save up to 60-70% on the total airfare, maybe even more!!

Two of my favorite tools to use to make the search for the cheapest prices are and For both, you just type in where you are, where you what to fly to, the day you want to depart, and when you want to return.

Once all that information is put in, they will then search the web giving you the cheapest flights they can find.

Tip 3: Saving with "Flight Plus Hotel" Packages

What is even better than finding cheap flights to Chicago would be booking a flight plus hotel package and saving on BOTH the airline fees and the accommodations.

What you need to do: Just search for "flight plus hotel packages for Chicago" and then look over then many packages that are available. Easy.

Tip: Tripadvisor and Expedia are two great websites to look over the packages on.

The only potential problem with these packages is the hotels that are paired with the flights might be outside of downtown Chicago.

If this is a problem, then make sure you know the name and location of the hotel. Do the extra little research so you know where you will be going.

Tip: is one of the better websites that are very clear on what they are offering and also have a lot of BIG savings on many of the packages.

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Tip 4: Check Flights to Nearby Cities to Find Deals

If you don't mind traveling a little extra, think about booking a flight to a city located close to the destination you want to get to that is cheaper.

Most travel websites offer an option to select more than one city, so take advantage of this and check all options before booking your flight to find the cheapest flights.

For an example, instead of booking a flight to O'Hare or Midway Airport, you could book a flight to the Greater Rockford Airport and then drive or take a bus to Chicago, which is not that far away.

Even though O'Hare and Midway Airport are better airports, you will be saving money because the Greater Rockford Airport isn't as big and known.

Research is key here, so just know all your options and you should save a lot of money.

Tip 5: Using Social Media and Join Mailing Lists

Social media has made the web a great place to do business and spread information fast in a long range. If you haven't started using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you should start now!

The reason is because travel agencies and many airlines announce deals and discounts that they are offering to the public on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So, take some time and make an account so that you can follow or "like" the top travel agencies and airlines that you use. (You can also follow this website! - find the column of buttons on the left sidebar!)

Once you get your social media accounts up and running, you will then be one of the first to hear about the best deals, discounts, or cheapest Chicago flights.

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