Doing Business in Chicago

...there are many great opportunities!

Doing business in Chicago is definitely the place for businesses to really thrive. If you are a business person or investor, our city has been growing very fast and every year more are discovering the opportunities that Chicago offers business people and people looking for work.

Many of the readers are people who want to find the best hotels to stay at, the best places to eat, or some of the must see attractions.

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This is great if you’re a Chicago business owner or are going to become one because if you have a service or product to offer, this would be a great way to market your business and get a little exposure... I want to help you tell the world about your business!

Starting a Business in Chicago

Whether you are looking to open a brick and mortar business or an online business, starting any kind business is a challenging and very rewarding experience.

Chicago is a major business city, and starting a business in Chicago or in the Chicagoland area will not be hard, but you will need to do some things first before you can open your doors:

  • Write a very thorough business plan that presents a description of the business, finances, management, and marketing. Remember, the more detailed the business plan then larger chance of your business being successful.
  • Tip: Including a map for how you plan to get your business to stand out is a smart move because Chicago is a large city.

  • If you are new to the business scene in Chicago, it would be very smart to consult with a Chicago area accountant and attorney so they can help with the tax and legal implications, as well as the business landscape.

  • Next, you need the choose a legal business form and register your company with the state of Illinois. Will can choose form a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or a limited liability comapny. Your attorney and accountant will be able to help you choose the best model.

  • Once you have choosen a business model, then you can either mail the forms to the Illinois Secretary of State or file in person to save some time if your in a hurry.

    (The Secretary of State Office is located in Springfield, which is about 200 miles from Chicago.)

  • Contacting the Internal Revenue Service and applying for a Federal Employer Identification Number(or FEIN) is the next step. For tax reasons, you must register with the federal government before you can open your doors.
  • Tip: This process can be done online and, in my opinion, that is the best way to do it because it saves time and can be saved on the computer.

  • To get your tax ID number that can use and sales tax, unemployment insurance tax, and income-tax withholding, you will need to register with the Illinois Department of Revenue (or IDOR). This MUST be done.

  • Lastly, and probably most importantly, you will need to get a Chicago business license. This process can be completed online and is pretty simple.

Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business is just as rewarding as opening a business offline, and it can be much easier to start-up.

Basically, registering a domain, finding a web host, and then building a website is all it takes to really start an online business.

One big pro for starting an online business is the start-up cost. registering a domain and getting web hosting can cost together under $100.00 a month - most of the time the hosting costs only a couple bucks!!

Some of the best domain registrars and web hosting providers are:

As for building your website, you can buy software such as Adobe Dreaweaver and build the site yourself if you know HTML and CSS. There are also many free templates on the web that you can use FREE and companies that you can pay to build a site for you such as WordPress.

Overall, whether you choose to start your business offline or online Chicago is a great place to start it and the city will provide you with a lot of great traffic.

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Finding a Job - The Job Interview

Chicago and the Chicagoland area is a big place and there are many job openings all the time. If you are moving to Chicago or have lived in Chicago your whole life and need a job - then mastering the job interview is a must.

When I went on my first two interviews, the first one went all wrong because I thought that it was going to be easy and all the employer was going to do is ask me some easy questions... I was so wrong.

The Streets of Chicago.

The first question he asked me was "tell me about yourself" and I answered that question ok, but his second question took me back which we "why should we hire you?"

I couldn't answer the question and for the rest of the interview I did horrible - and didn't get the job.

That experience really made me do my research and my studying really showed at my second interview because I got the job offer.

Preparation is the most important part of the interview process because not only are you much more ready, but you won't be as nervous before and during the interview.

So, go online and visit the many websites that focus on the interview process, look up sample job interview questions and answers, and read books on the subject as well.

Doing these things will give you an much better chance of nailing the interview and getting many job offers.

My Top Job Search Tips & Resources

Job Search Resources - Top Job Search Websites

There are many great job search websites where you can see the job openings in the area, post your resume, as well as other things.

My favorite three job search sites are:

Job Search Resources - Writing a Resume and Cover Letter Resume Writing Guide - This is great resource and guide to resume writing that will show you how to create a resume the correct way and give you many resume samples, examples, and templates. How to Write a Resume - This resource includes many difference useful links that breaks down each section of making a great resume from starting with the resume title to all the additional information you should include. How to Make a Resume - Very useful resource that has everything you need to make a great resume. The resource includes sample resume's, How to format a resume, all the kinds of resumes to make, how to market your resume when its done, extra tips, and a video. How to Write a Cover Letter - Cover letters are a very important part of the resume process. This resource is great at showing you the different types of cover letters, how to format cover letters, and many examples to look over. How to Write a Cover Letter - This resource goes deep into the steps to make a successful cover letter. There are samples for each type of cover letter, many examples throughout, how to review your cover letter, questions you should ask yourself, and even a video if you need it.

Job Search Resources - Having a Successful Interview How to Have a Good Job Interview - There are many things that must be done before, during, and after a job interview to make it a success. This resource shows all you need to know to produce that successful job interview. It is very easy to read because it is set up in steps, there are also many good tips at the end of the page.

eHow's How to Make a Good First Impression During a Job Interview - I always love using eHow as a resource because the information is good and because it is easy to read. Not only will this resource give you great tips on how to make a good first impression, but it will also provide related articles and videos the are also useful.

Job Search Resources - Useful Websites and Portals Job Networking - This website is, in my opinion, the best professional network website in the world. You can connect to so many people and put of information out there for people to see, which is great when your looking for work or clients. Online Course - If you are new to Linkedin or just don't know all the great strategies that can be used with Linkedin, then this website will be very useful becuase it goes over many great strategies to drive traffic to your website if you have one, enchance your networking on Linkedin, and stand out of the crowd and get many more job offers. Database - This very large resume database is a great place to post your resume so that people can see your information. There are many great features such as bookmarking resumes, managing resumes, and much more.

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